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About us

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Our Team


Adam Zeitlin

Adam Zeitlin after working his way through various hospitality rolls chose to open a kosher catering company called Zeitlin&Co, and for the past decade he has been servicing the Jewish community with wonderful simcha’s and charity events. Until recently, when he decided to take a step back from the catering world but did not want to leave his food passion and the Jewish community behind. So, he has created MyKoCo. A kosher brand providing food excellence and products that have not been available on the market before.


Phil Constable

Phil Constable started his career at Sopwell House then went on to work at other establishments such as the Savoy and Sheraton Park Lane. At the Sheraton Park Lane he developed a passion and understanding for Kosher Events and Kosher Cookery. After leaving the Park Lane he decided to become a freelance kosher chef working with numerous kosher catering companies which helped him increase his knowledge of the Kosher world. In 2010 he join the Zeitlin&Co team as Head Chef and began to produce fantastic simchas, which lead him to become one of the most respected kosher chefs within the UK. He has helped launch MyKoCo, as he wanted to bring a higher quality of Kosher food to market.


Menachem Rabin

Menachem Rabin decided to leave school at 16 years old to follow his food passion. He joined the Zeitlin&Co team in 2011 as a commis chef, where he started his food journey. He has been classically trained over the past 9years by 2 award winning chefs. From this he has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Kosher market, which he wishes to now show the UK. He has helped launch MyKoCo, as he believes that kosher food quality within the UK can be improved. He also holds the Kashrut License for the company, which insures the highest level of Kashrus with the company.


We are supervised under the Kashrut License of the London Beth Din. The Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din (KLBD) is the leading UK authority on Jewish Dietary Laws. It operates under the aegis of The Court of the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth and has offices in the UK, Australia, Belgium, India, Israel and Singapore. KLBD Kosher Certification is a leading global kosher certification agency operating across six continents. Certifying many multi-national food processors and raw material manufacturers, we are committed to offering a professional and affordable global kosher certification service. KLBD Kosher Certification, also known as the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din, is proud to have been a leading force in kosher certification for more than a century.By working with the KLBD this insures that MyKoCo keeps to the strictest of Kosher guidelines and that all our products produced with our Kitchens are 100% kosher. All the meat that we use is Glatt Kosher to ensure the highest standards are met

Our Kitchen Values

Our Kitchen values @ MyKoCo are to source as many locally produced products as possible whilst striving to reduce any wastage within in the cooking processes. We believe every part of each ingredient has its uses, and should be respected when cooking. By Supporting local businesses, we aim to have a Low Carbon Footprint, which helps protect the environment. MyKoCo, by working closely with the London Beth Din and Suppliers aim to produce products for the Jewish Market which have not been see before in the hope to change peoples view of Kosher food.

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